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Explore how technology can help your organization manage an incident in a more secure way
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As First Responder you can try IRIS Core in your own environment. No matter the technology you have available or how big your organization is. From the first moment you apply, we will guide you through out all the process totally for free.
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For whom?
Silver Commander
IRIS Core is directly designed for Silver Commanders. It is important solving the saturation coming from different sources of information to better coordinate the team and to make the safest decision as fast as possible. Having all elements centralised in IRIS Core with all the information in real time, helps better allocate resources, to plan and to coordinate when the multiple tasks will be undertaken.

Gold Commander
Commanders see the performance of the Emergency Service in a tangible and accurate way. It facilitates setting better strategies for the organization as well as establishing safer frameworks of policy, provision of resources and the prioritisation and requests from tactical commanders.

Bronze Commander & Innovation
Responding to Silver Commanders’ tasks using IRIS app allows to better set a clearer bilateral communication. It allows as well to share images and videos, visualise the information of the whole incident and to add information in real-time.
Check the Pilot Program with Diputación de Zaragoza Firefighters:
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