Unblur launches the Disaster Response Program to support all Emergency Services working in COVID-19 response.
In order to help, Unblur is offering its technology, servers and human resources to all Public Emergency Services and Non-Profit organizations working in the response of COVID-19.
The Disaster Response Program provides a basic version of IRIS Core, our Incident Command Software and support from Unblur’s product team.
Thanks to this platform, Emergency Services can:
· Track in real-time all their resources.
· Visualize all sorts of video feeds in real-time.
· Support Risks Assessment & reporting.
· Coordinate the different tasks with teams in the field.
· Share a common operational picture with all teams and agencies deployed in the field.
For more information, please contact Unblur’s UX Designer, Laura Feliz:
We hope this initiative can help First Responders in the front-line to have better situational awareness at every second and work in a safer environment.
Unblur Team.