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Intelligent Assistant for First Responders, by First Responders


Nowadays technology is widely available to everyone and it can be used to help community in many ways. First Responders should have access to it for its use in the field. That is why we are building everything around the following pillars.


High Usability

Simple. Technology must be easy to use in the field to truly help Commanders. IRIS is developed together with First Responders and software developers together with designers to ensure the best user experience possible, and to constantly improve it.


We aim to make technology accessible to every emergency service in the world. IRIS and its modules are offered in many different packs that adapt to everyone's resources.


IRIS is divided in modules, which means flexibility to customize and scale the solution based on your needs. We can easily upgrade the system, connect new ones or scale it in a cost-efficient way.

Wide Compatibility

IRIS is designed to be compatible with any sort of hardware or technology. Each service has specific needs and IRIS must adapt to them, avoiding creating legacy systems.