Increase safety and speed to make the best possible decisions during an incident
IRIS Core is an Intelligent Command and Control Software First Responders use to make the safest and fastest decisions during an Incident
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Why using IRIS Core ?
Increase Situational Awareness​
Reduce saturation coming different information sources by operating the whole incident in one single place. Technology placed in an intelligent way, facilitates Incident commanders make safer and faster decisions in an easier way.
Easier Team Coordination
Connect both tactical and operational teams with real time information, together with the technology deployed in the field to better coordinate the team and whole incident. IRIS Core provides a secure and efficient communication between operational and tactical teams.
Easier, Safer and Faster Decision-Making
Our Design team works with First Responders to make sure IRIS Core really helps operating an incident. Innovation is our philosophy and we are obsessed in making a very intuitive and easy-to-use decision-making platform.
Try IRIS Core Free Pilot Program
At Unblur, We invested great amounts of time learning from First Responders, about their needs, goals and expectations.

Co-creating together with Emergency Services is our philosophy and the best way we see we can really adapt to a real emergency situation.

Thanks to this research and team work with emergency Services we have have been able to create the first Intelligent Assistant for Incident Commanders.
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